Exhibition Drill consists of cadets doing anything that they want in a designated area while using demilitarized weaponry to perform various maneuvers. They are free to do whatever they want if it is done militaristic fashion. Throughout a 6- to 9-minute performance, the weapons are thrown, spun, and exchanged.


Regulation Drill is when each team's cadets march around a designated area, executing a set of commands. It includes both armed and unarmed groups. While marching, the armed formations use rifles and perform a variety of moves. Weapons are not used by unarmed formations.


Color guard 

The Color Guard is an extracurricular Army JROTC team responsible for presenting the flag in a variety of settings. The members of the Color Guard practice drill and ceremonies, proper wearing of the uniform as well as the proper ways to show respect to our nation's flag. The color guard preforms at varsity football games, 9/11 ceremonies, community events, and drill competitions.


The raider team is the most physically demanding team in JROTC. It consists of an obstacle courses that teach you to work with a team and discipline yourself to not give up. The raider challenge is held outdoors usually in a PT or OCP uniform. During the event you will stick with your team to complete an obstacle course for the fastest time possible. The course will change and be different each place you go to, but usually consists of some kind of run somewhere within the course.